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Lucinda is a bubbly, beautiful seven and a half year old girl (that half year is very important to her). During a visit to her granny's house she is given a wonderful painting of Love - Filled Fairyland which, it turns out is really a portal to this magical place.This is the start of a fabulous journey for Lucinda as she is taken, by Linda the lovely fairy to Love - Filled Fairyland where she meets all sorts of amazing characters from animals she can actually speak to, to the fairies that inhabit the wonderful castle to the towns people who love Lucinda and all the children of the world unconditionally. While here Lucinda learns of the language of the heart which can be understood by everyone.Lucinda has the most wonderful exciting adventure in fairyland, where she learns to talk to the animals, sees amazing fairies, the castle where they live and most importantly of all learns the new language called the language of the heart. Lucinda is not only for children but for adults who are allowing their inner child to heal. Come with Lucinda to play, imagine, and explore the magic of this incredible journey.

The music for this site was Composed, Produced  and Engineered by Micko Roche @ Whitestown EastSstudios.
Contact: mickor1@hotmail.com