JoanneJoanne Denn has a great love for children and enjoys spending time playing games and experiencing the love and innocent joy that emanates from them. She has thoroughly enjoyed creating this book and the future series to help bring more compassion and human values to children and the adults that influence them early in life. Joanne has worked professionally for twenty years as a dental nurse which has also allowed her to bring knowledge shared with fun to hundreds of childrens' classroom.

SQ Wellness is a worldwide organization where Joanne serves as the Chairperson for Ireland. She is a certified Practitioner & Teacher of the Rising Star and Prema Birthing healing modalities, as well as a facilitator of the More Truth Will Set You Free transformational workshops. Travelling internationally to facilitate these workshops, Joanne also volunteers regularly to raise funds for humanitarian efforts, and enjoys free time with walks on the beach.

Mother of a talented teenage daughter, Joanne shares her inspiration through higher teachings of cooperation and care.

"We should realize that man has not only a mind which conceives thoughts, but also a heart which can put them into practice." Sathya Sai Baba

DerekDerek O'Neill, is a master spiritual teacher, a motivational analyst, philanthropist and practicing psychotherapist based in Dublin, Ireland. He is also a martial arts sensei and a loving parent of two children. As founder of SQ Worldwide LP, a multifaceted company (SQ Wellness, SQ Foundation, SQ Retreats and SQ Fortune.) Derek is committed to teaching individuals and corporations how to use untapped potential to transform themselves and the world around them. He demonstrates that our highest ideals are in fact essential to our success, happiness, and fulfillment.

Derek is also founder of Creacon Prema Agni Healing Centre, a spiritual teaching and retreat center in Wexford, Ireland. He holds the position of Supervisor of the Ireland's Association of Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists, and his popular More Truth Will Set You Free workshops have helped thousands worldwide to free themselves from longstanding obstacles and step into love, joy and empowerment.

JoanneEileen Power of Waterford, Ireland is thrilled to have the opportunity to share her Love for children by creating a book that brings to life so much of what is missing from today's world. Being the eldest of five siblings, raising four children of her own, as well as fostering children for ten years, Eileen truly embodies the nurturing mother whose big heart shines through her being.

Alternative healing modalities such as Reiki, I.E.T. and yoga are some of the amazing services Eileen has been involved with. She has trained as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher providing this yoga and meditation to children in both private classes and local schools. As a member of SQ Wellness, Eileen currently holds certification as a Rising Star healing practitioner. She regularly participates in events throughout Ireland that provide the spiritual teachings which bring more love and joy to many, these being living based on unity in cooperation through Love, Peace, and Truth.

Facing some truly challenging life events, Eileen believes in the power of transformation through the heart and is happy to offer this opportunity to reach children at a young age with a fun yet wisdom-filled book.

KarenKaren Goldsmith, illustrator of Lucinda in Love-Filled Fairyland, is a visionary artist, creating art to heal, transform and shift consciousness. She is a Reiki Master, Rising Star and Prema Birthing teacher and practitioner, and Access Bars facilitator.

Karen has created Expressive Arts workshops and in the past has offered them to community based outreach programs, and to incarcerated young men and woman in the N.J. Juvenilte Justice System. Currently, she is volunteering at transitional residency homes for battered woman . The Expressive Arts workshops are also scheduled at her home and holistic centers, customized for young children and adults who would like to open to a deeper creatvity and connect to their spirit.

Karen offers spirit guide paintings that are overshadowed by her teacher Derek O'Neill , along with paintings of the ascended masters, the hierarchy of angels, and other archetypes in Mythology that hold keys to self mastery.

In addition, Karen offers custom designs and logos for small businesses that are spiritually based holding love, truth, and unity consciousness.